Getting To Know Me

Hello guys & gals. I wanted to do a little more than just my ‘About Me’ & show who I am & a little more less about  how my blog will turn out.

  • My first name, Alyssa, I feel like does not describe ME. I prefer to be called Elaine.
  • Owls are the absolute cutest thing in the world to me. I love owls so much.
  • I’m a bit of a perfectionist but I know in reality no one is perfect. I am satisfied with my own kind of perfect.
  • Arts & crafts have always been a little escape and stress relief for me.
  • Drawing mandalas/flowery-ish doodles are a habit on all my school assignments.
  • Nature photography has somewhat been an interest to me recently.
  • Texas country music/concerts are what I live for. I promise even on my sick days you can find me dancing & singing there.
  • I would say I’m just a little obsessed with Blake Shelton. I once cut Miranda Lambert’s face off their wedding picture & put my face. So sad that it still hangs on my bedroom wall today.
  • Manis & pedis are a must in my life. Nail polishes are a collection of mine.
  • Boutiques & little clothing shops are just too cute. I love shopping in little individual stores more than well known places.
  • I’m a huge Josh Abbott Band & Kevin Fowler fan.
  • As well as Texas, a huge fan.
Thank you for reading more about me. I hope you enjoyed, stay cute!
xoxo, Laine.

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